Hi Helen,

Thanks once again for your wonderful contribution to our Summer Party. Everyone who was there had a great time & really enjoyed the performances of your students and yourself. As you know we had a good crowd of family, locals plus students and tutors from the local College. Everyone agreed that you were the highlight of a great day’s music!! Lets hope we have many more years of partying to come!!

All love,

Kathy & Robin & Co.


Kate Barizetti

Over the last 6 months Helen has helped me move from complete novice to being confident enough to front a band at a small live gig.

She has helped me learn the fundamentals of singing that I was completely lacking – breathing, posture, annunciation etc.

This has been invaluable in helping my technique, range and confidence.

Helen also gave me enormous amount help in the run up to my first gig with the band. Key to this was a four hour session in a studio. Here she helped me with mic technique, movement, posture and tips on getting “closer” to the audience.

I didn’t remember everything on the first night – the adrenalin was pumping – but I did remember lots of Helen’s suggestions.

Key for me was that it made be 100% more confident walking onto the stage for the first time.

Thanks Helen.

Chris Walmsly

I started singing lessons with Helen in 2002 when I joined a ‘Choral Society'; although I had sung with ‘inexperienced’ church choirs, I’d had no experience of  singing in Classical Choirs/Classical Music or Concerts.  In desperation – just before my audition – I went to Helen and had a half hour assessment lesson -and that got me through my audition.

Now I am a confident soprano.

Helen has worked tirelessly with me, fitting me in at short notice, and going over my music prior to concerts.

Nowadays,  I book a ‘block’ of 4 lessons, and book in as and when I feel I need to ‘refresh’, to check technique or go over music.

Helen has been a huge inspiration!

Thank you Helen.

Connie Gibbs

Helen is a teacher with a difference. She has taken me from unconfident student to (OK, not greatly-confident) performer by teaching me her own techniques; by encouragement – and by being persistent when I lost persistence.

Unlike most teachers I have met, she has taken responsibility for getting me to perform in public – and making sure that what I did was competent and enjoyable. She focussed on getting me to develop a complete act – not just sing a series of songs. She organised a backing band (who I love). She gave a professional finish to it all.

In short, I owe her a great deal – and could not have found a better teacher, mentor – and friend. She is superb.

Caroline Greene

Victoria Whiteland June 21 at 2:35pm

“I will never forget your spellbinding performance of ‘Summertime’

Victoria Whiteland

Spirit of Voice Festival- Gerry Mullerkins

Spirit of Voice festival reccommends Helen Webb …”supreme singer, fantastic vocalist, choral group leader, workshop vocal coach”

Vicky Lee

Helen’s inspiration and belief in me, is always with me. The un- doubted success of Helen’s teaching technique and exercises is matched only by her passion for enjoying everything about singing. The ONLY down side is that she WILL at times make you look like a snarling cat     nnnnn naaaah

Vicky Lee

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was lucky enough to find Helen as a singing teacher at a time in my life when lots of things were changing. She helped me discover an ability to sing in a way that I never thought I would be able to. I will always be grateful for that as well as her guidance, instruction, love and belief in what she teaches.

Kind regards, Jan x


(Janice Pierson)